Custom Orders


All tumblers and water bottles are stainless steel and double walled. They will keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot up to 12 hours.





Tumblers:                               Water Bottles:

20oz - $60                                25oz - $65  
30oz - $70                                 40oz - $75  
 20oz       30oz                           25oz          40oz    


*Hydroflask, Camelbak, Yeti, and Simple Modern bottles are available upon request. Prices will vary depending on bottle cost.




Bottles are hand-painted so you can choose the color.
Complex colors will have an additional charge.

Two-tone color - $3
Glitter - $10
Alcohol Inks - $15
Specialty Colors/Patterns - $10+


Glitter - $5
Holo - $5
Sparkle Holo - $5
Shattered Holo - $5
Heart Holo - $5
Star Holo - $5
Prism Holo - $5
Fireworks Holo - $5
Color Holo (Green, Pink, Purple, Red) - $7

*Glitter Finish can be combined with any Holo Finish


Vinyl Trim/Filler - $5
Printed Vinyl Trim/Filler - $7
Vinyl Details - $5+
Metallic Foil - $10+
Drip Effect - $10+
Hand-painted color/glitter/foil details - $20+
Molded Clay Effects - $25+



These are made with actual manga pages. I will only use pages from physical books. I won't print out and use random pictures/pages from the internet. I have to be able to get a physical copy of the book/manga.

 I can fit two pages on a tumbler/bottle. Some bottles will require a vinyl filler for the pages to fit fully.

If the pages are from two different volumes/series there will be an additional fee since I'll need to get two books. This fee is usually $10 but can vary depending on the price of the book.

I can use either English or Japanese manga. Some Japanese manga are smaller and will require a vinyl filler to fit.

Japanese Dust Covers can be used as well. One Manga dust cover will fit around fully on any of the tumblers/bottles. Japanese Dust Covers are $10 extra.

I can also use light novel, magazine, doujinshi, or art book pages depending on if they will fit correctly. Some may need trimming or vinyl filler to fit properly. These will have an extra fee depending on the book.

If you have your own pages that you would like your bottle made with you can send them to me for your custom. I've had previous clients do this with harder to find/limited edition magazine pages and such. 


I want each bottle to be unique so I will not make exact duplicates of previous orders. If you want the same pages from a previous order you will need to pick different effects/colors to go with it. There is an extra fee for duplicate pages since I will need to buy the same book again. This fee is usually about $10 but can vary depending on the book. I have the right to decline duplicate pages if I have already used them multiple times.


To place your order you can message me on Instagram or using the email contact form below. 

 Here is the info I'll need for your custom:

 - Style/Size of Cup (Tumbler, Water Bottle, Hydroflask, etc.)
- Color, Finish, & Extras
- A picture of the two pages
- Volume and Chapter of the pages

Once all the details for your order are confirmed I'll create a custom listing for you. Payment is required upfront. My current turnaround time is about 2-3 months due to my convention schedule.

You can view examples of past bottles and effects here.

 If you have any questions about ordering a custom please don't hesitate to ask! I'll be happy to help!

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